Everyday Defensive Back Drills

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Chris Ash
49 minutes
Everyday Defensive Back Drills features a series of game-tested drills that coaches can use to develop the skill level of their defensive backs. The DVD is designed as a resource for coaches who want to work on the fundamentals and techniques of their defensive backs on a daily basis. The DVD also details and discusses the 10 commandments of defensive back play.
Among the topics covered:
• The ten commandments of defensive back play
• Defensive back priorities
• Defensive back stance
• Start
• Backpedal
• Turns
• Breaks
• Agility box
• Pedal box
• Two-line drills
• Angle flip go's
• Shuffle agility
• T-step
• Pedal, plant & drive
• W drill
• Close drill
• Pop-ups
• Cone plant