Fielding and Throwing Skills and Drills for Youth Baseball

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Andy Collins
54 minutes

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Fielding and Throwing Skills and Drills for Youth Baseball presents an overview of the basic fundamentals and techniques involved in fielding and throwing a baseball. The DVD also features a series of game-tested drills for improving each of these key fundamentals and techniques. Every drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner. The DVD is designed to be the perfect resource for youth baseball coaches who want to improve the fielding and throwing skills of their players.

Among the topics covered:

  • Catching progression
  • Fly-ball drill
  • See-the-number drill
  • Short-hop drill
  • Fielding grounders
  • Advanced fielding drill
  • Gripping the ball
  • Flip drill
  • Swim drill
  • ThrowMax throwing trainer
  • Fence drill
  • Line-toward-the-target drill
  • Walking drill
  • Star drill
  • Relay races
  • Warm-up routine
  • The final season
  • Advanced throwing technique
  • Long-throw technique