Fixing a Quarterback's Passing Mechanics

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Ron Jenkins
32 minutes

Fixing a Quarterback's Passing Mechanics offers a step-by-step review of the intricate mechanics and techniques involved in the dropback passing game. The DVD features quarterbacks of all ages and competitive levels (youth to professional) demonstrating sound quarterback mechanics, as well as specific drills that can be employed to instill the proper techniques into the quarterback's muscle-memory. The DVD progressively addresses a quarterback's passing mechanics-from the quarterback-center exchange through the 7-step drop and everything in-between.

Among the topics covered:

  • The quarterback-center exchange
  • The 10 key points of quarterback mechanics
  • A before and after training video
  • A practice routine for quarterbacks
  • The mechanics and techniques used in each aspect of the dropback pass
  • Calibrating and integrating the shotgun passing game
  • Specific examples of correcting some of the most common quarterback flaws