Foundational Training–Preparation Period for HS Track

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Michael Granville
86 minutes
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In Foundational Training–Preparation Period for HS Track, Michael Granville, Track and Field and Cross Country Coach at Gunn High School (Palo Alto, CA) discusses workouts and foundational training preparation period philosophies for high school track athletes. Coach Granville, a national high school record holder in the 800 meters, shares his experiences as both an athlete and a coach to help develop and train athletes in the discipline. Coach Granville outlines specific workout plans, warm-up drills, and circuit training for the high school runner, while also detailing the importance that balance, mobility and speed training all play in becoming an elite high school track runner.

Topics covered include:

• Race Training Strategies
• Coaching Philosophy
• Model Coaching
• Pre-Season Training
• Speed Development
• Foundational Principles
• Phase I: General Plan
• Phase II: Increase of Specific Endurance