Running Periodization: Training Theories to Run Faster

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Jason Karp
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How do you know the precise combination and best order of workouts that will enable you to run faster? How do you know the right time to do another workout after doing a workout on Tuesday? How do you individualize training for runners of different strengths, weaknesses, adaptive abilities, developmental ages, and time frames?

Sometimes, you need to break the rules.

In the groundbreaking book, Running Periodization: Training Theories to Run Faster, exercise physiologist, coach, and bestselling author Jason Karp, PhD, explains a variety of training theories using theoretical and historical frameworks, scientific research, and documented empirical evidence from the world's best runners to discover how to optimally train.

The book shows runners and coaches how to design training programs using several periodized approaches, including linear periodization, reverse linear periodization, block periodization, and undulating periodization, as well as how to periodize training for high school and college runners, strength training, and even a woman's menstrual cycle. 

Running Periodization will make you a world-class training strategist and the best runner you can be.


Chapter 1: Training Adaptation

Chapter 2: Recovery

Chapter 3: Training Theories

Chapter 4: Training Volume and Intensity

Chapter 5: Introduction to Periodization

Chapter 6: Linear Periodization

Chapter 7: Reverse Linear Periodization

Chapter 8: Block Periodization

Chapter 9: Undulating Periodization

Chapter 10: Training Female Runners

Chapter 11: Training High School and College Runners

Chapter 12: Strength Training

Chapter 13: Altitude Training