Getting Parents on Your Side: A Coaches' Guide

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Mike Ricci
56 minutes
At some point during every coach's career, a coach will see and work with just about every kind of parent there is. From the overbearing youth-league parent to the very supportive, willing-to-do-whatever-to-help their- senior-son-play-football parent, it is no secret that parents come in all kinds of varieties. In all instances, parents want to be involved; they want to help. Getting Parents on Your Side: A Coaches' Guide to Developing Positive Relationships With Parents is based on the premise that if parents can be positively involved in an athletic program-without getting in the coaches' way or in the way of their son/daughter- then EVERYBODY will benefit. The DVD details several simple principles (communication, show that you care, education, honesty, etc.) that can be applied to any sport at any level. It offers specific examples, including the agenda for and how to address the all important beginning-of-the-season meeting, which sets the tone for the entire year. It provides details on how to communicate with parents, how coaches can get them on their side, how coaches can show them that they care, how to diffuse (and eliminate!) playing time issues, how to setup and run booster club meetings, and a variety of other steps that coaches can take to get parents positively involved with their program-without having them interfere with what the coaches are trying to do.