Give Your Offense an Advantage

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Larry Cunha
42 minutes
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In Give Your Offense an Advantage, Larry Cunha, head coach at Del Campo HS (CA), outlines how to use your formations, personnel, and alignment to give your team’s offense an advantage over opposing defenses. Coach Cunha details of to create space for your playmakers and mismatches for the defense. Additionally, Coach Cunha provides diagrams of pre-snap formations and plays how to get all your Coach Cunha also discusses examples of how to utilize multiple tight ends and “Heavy” personnel.

Topics covered include:

• Skill Player Positioning
• Adapting Positioning to Fit Your Offensive Scheme
• Personnel Usage
• Creating Space with Formations
• Creating Defensive Mismatches
• Unbalanced Formations
• “Heavy” Personnel
• Play-Calling and Formation Diagrams