Hitting Biomechanics: Part #2

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Bob Keyes
52 minutes
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Expanding on Biomechanics of Hitting Volume 1, Biomechanics of Hitting Volume 2 discusses how biomechanics affects a player’s hitting ability. Filmed at the 2019 Northwest Baseball Clinic, Volume 2 provides an interpretation of the data collected by Bob Keyes and the Biomechanics Institute, as well as how to translate that data into improved results via player development, hitting drills, and creating more efficient body movement. Extensive video and graphics are used to illustrate the science behind motion capture and the biomechanics of hitting. Topics covered include:


• Player Development and Evaluation using Biomechanics
• Biomechanical Efficiency/Inefficiency
• Using data to gain competitive advantages
• Identifying strengths and weaknesses via Biomechanics
• Decreasing injury
• Improving performance
• “Player Performance Index”
• Projecting a player’s potential
• Causes of performance decline