Hitting Biomechanics: Part #1

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Bob Keyes
51 minutes
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Presented by Bob Keyes of the Bio-Kinetics Institute, at the 2019 Northwest Baseball Clinic, Biomechanics of Hitting Volume 1 uses “the latest computer and video technology to improve athletic performance.” Three-dimensional video-capture and motion analysis provides data to analyze and modify player’s movements with the goal of increasing their hitting prowess. Extensive video and graphics are used to illustrate the science behind motion capture and the biomechanics of hitting. Additionally, this video discusses and explains the techniques and instrumentation used to gather the information. Topics covered include:


• Biomechanics of the baseball swing
• Motion-capture techniques
• Studies and data produced via using three dimensional motion capture
• The evolution of using video to maximize player performance
• Hitting mechanics
• Factors affecting hitting mechanics
• Components of a baseball swing
• “KineMetrics”