How to Throw With Power Accuracy and Consistency

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John Bond
46 minutes
Based on the well-received book Developing a Championship Quarterback, How to Throw With Power, Accuracy, and Consistency details the eight fundamentals that can enable a quarterback to throw with power, accuracy, and consistency. The video reviews and demonstrates each of those factors, including a wide base, weight back, short step back, step to the let, placement of the elbow, having a Z in the knee to allow for maximum weight shift, still head, and follow through. The video also includes several drills that are designed to help quarterbacks adhere to the basic fundamentals involved in mechanically sound passing. The video is appropriate for quarterbacks at all competitive levels.

Among the topics covered: 

• Warming up your quarterbacks 
• Wide base 
• Weight back 
• Short step back 
• Step to the left 
• Elbow placement 
• Z in the knee 
• Keep your head still 
• Follow through 
• Drills 
• Putting it all together

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