HPC ELITETRACK Gold Medal Track Clinic

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Larry Judge, Dave Kerin, Dan Pfaff, Tom Tellez, Will Wu, Mike Young
382 minutes

The HPC ELITETRACK Gold Medal Track Clinic is a 2-disc DVD set that presents the eight sessions of the ELITETRACK Gold Medal Track Clinic that was conducted at the 2008 Olympic Trials. Featuring the best and the brightest in sports science and track and field, the DVD offers over six hours of information, ideas, and insights, including:

  • "I Can Do It in Practice, But Not in Competition"-Motor Learning Explanations and Concepts (Will Wu)
  • Block Starts and Acceleration Mechanics (Tom Tellez)
  • Penultimate and Takeoff Mechanics in the Long Jump (Tom Tellez)
  • Maximizing Competition Performance: The Warm-Up and Post-Activation Potentiation (Larry Judge)
  • Eccentric Strength Development: Specific Means for Specific Strength for the Jumps (Dave Kerin)
  • When Plateauing Is a Good Thing: Extending Peak Performance During the Competitive Phase (Mike Young)
  • Competition-Phase Micro-Cycles for the Elite Pole-Vaulter (Dan Pfaff)
  • Practice Variability: A Framework for Coaches (Will Wu)