Implementing the Speed Game

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John Kimble
338 pages
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Implementing the Speed Game, by John Kimble, expands upon the first edition of the book by expanding upon the previous concepts and adding in new points of emphasis regarding fast breaks in basketball. He explains in detail each point is diagrams and illustrations to clearly present the topics of discussion. This is a complete overview of transnational offensive basketball that all coaches can take away key points to improve their teams' game. From the moment your team takes position of an overturned ball, to creating the shot, Coach Kimble explains what plays to run and how to make it happen in a way your players and coaches will understand.

From defense-to-offense transition, to half-court offensive attacks in the man-to-man offensive schemes and the zone offensive attacks, to BLOB or SLOB plays, to out-of-bounds plays, and so much more, this book has it all. See for yourself why this book is regarded as one of the best resources regarding fastbreak turnover basketball a coach could have on their shelf.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Why Implement the Speed Game With Primary and Secondary Fastbreaks?
Chapter 2: Odd-Front Secondary Fastbreaks Into Man-to-Man Continuity Offenses
Chapter 3: High-Low, Odd-Front Secondary Fastbreaks Into Man-to-Man Continuity Offenses
Chapter 4: Even-Front Secondary Fastbreaks
Chapter 5: Odd-Front Secondary Fastbreaks Into Zone Continuity Offenses
Chapter 6: Full-Court Press Offensive Attacks Into Primary Fastbreaks and Into Secondary Fastbreaks
Chapter 7: Sideline Free Throw Primary and Secondary Fastbreaks
Chapter 8: Half-Court, Man-to-Man Plays
Chapter 9: Sideline Out-of-Bounds Plays Executed Out of Various Offensive Alignments/Sets That Can Flow Into the 4-Out/1-In Spot-Ups
Chapter 10: Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays Executed Out of Various Offensive Alignments/Sets That Can Flow Into the Secondary Break Spot-Ups
Chapter 11: Drills to Promote and Improve the Speed Game
Chapter 12: Techniques, Concepts, and Major Coaching Points of Emphasis
Chapter 13: Analyzing the Options of the Secondary Fastbreaks

What others are saying:

Coach John Kimble’s wealth of knowledge about the game of basketball continues to amaze me! If you are looking for a complete system of offensive transition basketball to use in your program, this is it. Coaches can pick and choose which parts of the system they want to use. Implementing the Speed Game is adaptable to any level of play, to varying degrees of basketball IQ, and players’ strengths. This book should be in every coach’s collection of resources.
 -Randy Lambert (Retired)
  Head Men’s Basketball Coach
  Maryville (TN) College, 39 years
  700-plus victories at Maryville College

Coach Kimble’s latest book, Implementing the Speed Game, is a must read for coaches looking to adapt their systems to the newest changes in how the game is played. I have known Coach for many years and have utilized a number of his ideas featured in his previous books and videos. His work has always been thorough, organized, and detailed. This book is no exception. When asked, all players say they want to run and play in an up-tempo system. Not only will Implementing the Speed Game help generate good shots, it will also enhance a coach’s efforts to develop a player-friendly system.
 -Bob Ociepka (Retired)
  NBA Assistant Coach—25 years, 12 different teams
  High School Coach—19 years, two different teams

This is yet another exceptional basketball resource written by John Kimble. He pulls from his many years of coaching winning basketball to produce Implementing the Speed Game. With great insight and detail, Coach Kimble takes you through all of the elements of building an effective fastbreak, from the time a team gains possession of the ball to the creation of a shot. He discusses the importance of positioning and spacing as the ball is advanced up the court and how to end up in offense at the end of the break. I found this to be a thorough look at how to make the fastbreak a real asset to any team.
 -Mark Edwards (Retired)
  Head Men’s Basketball Coach
  Washington University in St. Louis
  2008 and 2009 NCAA Division III National Champions

This is an impressive and meticulous book on fastbreak basketball. John Kimble has detailed an offensive strategy that is appropriate for all competitive levels of play. In step-by-step detail, Implementing the Speed Game shares the tools necessary for an effective philosophy on this topic. A must read for all coaches and a great addition to your basketball library.
 -Tommy Richardson (Retired)
  Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Illinois State University
  Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Vanderbilt University and University of Pittsburgh

John Kimble is one of basketball’s best teachers, and this book is just the latest example. Implementing the Speed Game meticulously guides coaches through the concepts and techniques to build a relentless fastbreak system. Picking up this book gives all coaches and their teams an instant advantage over the opposition.
 -Kevin Hoffman
  Former Editor
  Winning Hoops, Coach and Athletic Director, and The Real AAU magazines