Improving Athletic Character: Inspirational Lessons

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Dennis Parker
83 minutes
From the Coaching to Change Lives character curriculum, co-author Dennis Parker narrates 19 of the most inspirational stories attendant to that widely renowned course of study. Improving Athletic Character: Inspirational Lessons can be used either as a professional or personal resource or as a way to allow your team to hear the stories from the original storyteller. Either way, the DVD offers an exciting learning experience. There is no better method of teaching than storytelling and no better stories than this collection.

Among the topics covered:
  • The Trouble Tree Story
  • Raising a Butterfly Story
  • The Marshall, Texas Football Story
  • The Alaskan Pipeline Story
  • The Arabian Horse Story
  • The Bulldog Story
  • The Tight Wire Story
  • The Leg Brace Story
  • The Processionary Caterpillar Story
  • The Carrot and Tea Bag Story
  • The Fatherless Boy Story
  • D-Day: The Normandy Beach Story
  • World War I Trench Warfare Story
  • The Archery Story
  • Victor's Story
  • Leashing the Strongest Animal in the World Story
  • The Fish and Frying Pan Story
  • The Story of Three Thieves
  • The Major's Story