Improving Athletic Performance

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Michael Barnes, John Graham
98 minutes

All ground-based sports entail similar requirements that contribute to the language of movement. Among the prerequisites in this regard are rate-of-force development, control of base of support, and proper body mechanics. Improving Athletic Performance provides a resource for developing the physical characteristics that comprise athletic performance, such as speed, agility, strength, power, and coordination. The DVD features a breakdown of strength training, plyometrics, change of direction, and linear speed into exercise technique and coaching descriptions.

Among the topics covered:

• Movement preparation
• Dynamic warm-up
• Agility training
• Speed drills
• 2-person acceleration drill
• Cone hops with sprint drill
• Knee high tucks
• Split squat jumps
• Repeated broad jumps
• Box jumps
• Power and strength training
• Abdominal training series