Improving Defensive Pursuit and Leverage

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Brian Borland
54 minutes
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In Improving Defensive Pursuit and Leverage, Brian Borland, currently the Defensive Coordinator at the University of Kansas, discusses using pursuit and leverage to improve tackling and become a more effective defense. Coach Borland details the keys and techniques of proper pursuit including taking correct angles, filling alleys, and gang tackling to decrease “hidden yardage.” Additionally, Coach Borland provides practice drills emphasizing his philosophies. Finally, Coach Borland using film-cut ups to demonstrate how these drills and techniques translate to game-day.

Topics covered include:

• Pursuing the Football
• Proper Techniques
• Defining Defensive Responsibilities for All Players
• Using Leverage
• Eliminating Missed Tackles
• Filling Alleys
• Gang Tackling
• Practice Drills
• Film Cut-Ups