Inside the Line: Developing My Offensive Line

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Phil Trautwein
53 minutes
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In Inside the Line: Developing My Offensive Line, Phil Trautwein, Offensive Line Coach at Penn State University discusses how to get the most out of your offensive lineman, in both run and pass blocking. Coach Trautwein details his approach to developing linemen through drills, footwork, and film work. Additionally, Coach Trautwein provides off-season one on one drills that include linemen. Finally, Coach Trautwein discusess how to attack defensive line schemes.

Topics covered include:

• Offensive Line Fundamentals
• Stances and Footwork
• Combo Blocking
• Run Game Drills
• Pass Game Drills
• Drill Progressions
• Building an Offensive Line
• Game Week Preparation
• Film Cut-Ups and Drill Details