Jumbo Short-Yardage and Goal-Line Offense

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John Levra
39 minutes
Jumbo Short-Yardage and Goal-Line Offense explains what coaches can do to help make their teams successful when encountering one of the most critical situations that offenses face during the course of a game. Using the biggest players available to execute the various assignments, the jumbo offense provides coaches with a consistent, no-nonsense, hard-nosed approach to effectively controlling defenders in short-yardage, and goal-line situations. Not only does the DVD review the key factors involved in this offense, it also details several examples of specific plays that can be run effectively from this specific formation. 
Among the topics covered:
• Jumbo offense
• Strongside 'G' lead power play 
• Strongside 'G' lead versus 6-1 & 5-4 defenses 
• Strongside 'G' lead versus bear-46 & 5-3 defenses 
• Strongside 'G' lead from far set offense 
• Lead 'O' over-the-top play 
• Toss sweep play 
• Lead pass weak