Rambo Short-Yardage and Goal-Line Offense

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Herb Meyer
34 minutes
Rambo Short-Yardage and Goal-Line Offense provides a comprehensive overview of a game-tested offensive attack that can be effectively employed in certain special situations (either on the goal line or anytime the offense is facing third or fourth down and needs three yards or less for a first down). Featuring a specific series of plays, the offense is designed to be an automatic call when the aforementioned situations occur. Each play is explained and demonstrated using game film cut-ups.

Among the topics covered:
  • Treating the Rambo offensive unit as a special team with specialized personnel
  • Keeping the Rambo offense simple (one formation, six plays, consistent blocking rules)
  • Giving the offensive linemen easy-to-understand blocking rules
  • Employing the fullback to seek out the first stand-up defender
  • Utilizing a tailback who is a great north-south runner to attack the LOS
  • Using option plays and play-action passes once the DBs start playing like LBs