Linebacker Game-Week Preparation

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Robin Ross
55 minutes
Linebacker Game-Week Preparation provides a step-by-step overview of what coaches need to do during the week to get their linebacker ready to play on game day. The DVD outlines the fundamental factors involved in getting linebackers to play at the highest levels they can. The DVD explains why preparation is the critical factor, as well as details specifies concerning what linebackers need to know prior to a game. The DVd also discusses the basic elements attendant to installing a linebacker game plan.

Among the topics covered: 

• A pro 
• Linebackers 
• General information 
• Words of wisdom 
• State university run game 
• State university play-action pass and screens 
• Screens 
• State university drop-back passing game 
• Linebackers install day #2 
• State university alerts 
• Linebackers game plan final