Mastering the Hammer Throw

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Larry Judge
56 minutes

Mastering the Hammer Throw presents a detailed overview of the key factors involved in performing the hammer throw to the best of the athlete's ability. Featuring one of the most respected coaches in track & field, the DVD offers an invaluable teaching tool for throws coaches who want to enhance the skills and technique of their hammer throwers. Appropriate for coaches and athletes at all competitive levels, the DVD also includes a series of drills for developing each of these fundamental elements. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand and -apply manner.

Among the topics covered:

• Learning to turn
• Basic starting position
• Heel/toe turning action
• Position drills for the turn
• Position drills with objects
• Push drill
• Advanced position/partner drills
• Turning drills
• Handle turns
• Learning to wind
• Different starting positions
• Entry drills
• Throw drills with release
• Training throws