Technical Components of the Hammer Throw

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Jud Logan
59 minutes

Technical Components of the Hammer Throw presents an overview of the key factors involved in the hammer throw. Featuring four-time Olympian and former world-record holder in the hammer throw, the DVD explains why the right technique for throwing the hammer is whatever technique works for the body of a particular athlete. The DVD points out the importance that a hammer thrower first learns to turn. The DVD also discusses what factors make the ball go furthest. In addition, the DVD reviews several drills that coaches can employ to enhance the skills and technique of their hammer throwers.

Among the topics covered:

• What is the right technique?
• Try to create a rhythm
• What makes the ball go the farthest?
• Three or four turns
• What's the purpose of a toe turn vs. a heel turn?
• Earning degrees
• Left knee back to me
• It's a process
• The finish
• Drills
• Throwing volume