Mental Toughness Training for Football: Second Edition

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Mike Voight

Mental Toughness Training for Football: Maximizing Technical & Mental Mechanics (Second Edition), by Mike Voight, goes beyond the Xs and Os, physical conditioning, and technical aspects of the game, to concentrate on an overlooked part of playing sound football: the mental game. Numerous concepts are introduced, including mental mechanics, performance barriers, expanding player capacities, mechanical breakdowns, atomicity of performing, and mental skills-training strategies. The book explains and demonstrates how adding technical and mental mechanics to players' arsenals will not only prepare them better for games, but also help them consistently execute on the practice field.

What's inside:

Section I: Mental Toughness Mechanics
   Chapter 1: Mental Mechanics—Automatic Play, Barriers to Optimal Play, and Valuing Inspirational Players
   Chapter 2: Maximizing the Mind-Body Connections and Capacities for Excellence: Offensive and Defensive Mental Toughness Skills
Section II: Offensive Mental Toughness Skills-Strategies
   Chapter 3: Training for Tough Thinking and Competitive Confidence
   Chapter 4: Competitive Focus and Mental Preparation Readiness Routines
Section III: Defensive Mental Toughness Skills-Strategies
   Chapter 5: Intensity Management
   Chapter 6: Inside-Outside Training, Mistake Management Routines, and Recovery
Section IV: Leadership and Coaching-Team Effectiveness
   Chapter 7: Quality Practice: Coach and Player Responsibilities
   Chapter 8: Team Toughness Training and Teambuilding
   Chapter 9: Leadership Mechanics, Principles, and Practices
   Chapter 10: Quality Coaching: Beyond the X’s and O’s

What coaches are saying:

Mental toughness is a product of dedication, commitment, great work ethic, and a strong competitive nature. Mike obviously understands mental toughness from all angles and has captured it in this book.
-Pete Carroll
 Head Coach, Seattle Seahawks

The secret to coaching is getting players to become intrinsically motivated and to prepare and perform with extreme focus no matter the situation. This book is the blueprint for that.
-Danny Cowgill
 Defensive Coordinator, Barbers Hill High School (TX)
 Defensive Coordinator, US National Football Team

Mike makes leadership and mental toughness accessible for every athlete and coach through this book. He helps to define the process, which is different for all of us.
-Pete Rossomando
 Head Football Coach, Central Connecticut State University

Dr. Voight’s methods, research, and conclusions towards coaching practice have always been on the cutting edge of our profession. This new edition of Mental Toughness Training for Football proves once again that Mike is at the very top of his game in a field where so many of us still have much to learn. Any coach should keep Dr. Mike Voight’s latest work on the edge of their desk and in the forefront of their mind.
-Travis Burkett
 Special Teams Coordinator/Running Backs Coach, UNLV