No-Huddle Double-Wing Fly: Base Plays

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Craig Cieslik
37 minutes

No-Huddle Double-Wing Fly: Base Plays presents a detailed overview of the basic formations that are utilized in the no-huddle double-wing fly offense, as well as the base plays that can be employed out of each of the various formation. The DVD explains and demonstrates several of the most popular running and passing plays in each type of offensive alignment.

Among the topics covered:

  • Double-wing formation
  • Twin-twins formation
  • TRIPS (left or right) formation
  • QUADS (left or right) formation
  • I-backs formation
  • Split-back fly formation
  • Double-wing running plays
  • Double-wing passing plays
  • Split-backs running plays
  • Fly passing plays
  • I-backs plays
  • Quads plays
  • Twin-twins passing plays
  • Twin-twins running plays

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