No-Huddle Double-Wing Fly: Running Back Play

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Craig Cieslik
37 minutes

No-Huddle Double-Wing Fly: Running Back Play presents an overview of the steps that coaches can take to develop sound running back play in the no-huddle double-wing fly offense. The DVD features a series of game-tested drills that are designed to enhance the key running back skills and techniques in the no-huddle double-wing fly. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner.

Among the topics covered:

  • Warm-up drills
  • Lowering-shoulder drill
  • Spin drill
  • 90-degree cut drill
  • Cut-on-the-shield drill
  • Dodging traffic
  • Get up and move
  • Move-out drill
  • Dip & recover
  • Trip drill
  • Gauntlet drill
  • Sideline drill
  • Flare drill
  • Zigzag drill
  • Explosion drill

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