Offensive Line Run Blocking Technique & Drills

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Bob Wylie
79 minutes
Offensive Line Run Blocking Technique & Drills provides an overview of the key factors involved in successful run blocking by the offensive line. Featuring the only coach in the NFL who has coached at all competitive levels (Pop Warner, high school, college, CFL, and NFL), the DVD reviews the concept of leverage and explains how offensive linemen can get into the proper position to exert the maximum amount of power. The DVD also discusses and demonstrates the correct way for offensive linemen to leave the line of scrimmage on the snap of the ball. In addition, the DVD includes several drills that coaches can use to develop the run blocking skill level of their offensive linemen.

Among the topics covered:
  • Proper body angles for optimum power
  • The stance
  • Demeanor drill - shuffling bent knee
  • Leaving the line of scrimmage - first step
  • Leaving the line of scrimmage - two steps
  • Coaching point - the concept of leverage
  • Fit, drive, & finish drill
  • Drive block drill
  • Video clips