Offensive Line Drills and Techniques

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Mike Turner
47 minutes
Offensive Line Drills and Techniques provides a step-by-step teaching progression of offensive line techniques. The DVD also features a series of game-tested drills that are designed to enhance the fundamental skills that are involved in sound offensive line play. The techniques and drills that are explained and demonstrated in the DVD are appropriate for teams and athletes at all competitive levels and for any offensive system.

Among the topics covered:
  • Pre-set position
  • Stance
  • Stance and start
  • Hitting position
  • Z-step pop
  • Drive block
  • Reach block
  • Down block
  • Scoop block
  • Center and guard vs. 40-stack
  • Guard and tackle scoop block
  • Veer block
  • Arc block/tight end
  • Gap call
  • Fold block (TE and tackle)
  • Fold block (guard and tackle)