Offensive Line Pass Protection Technique and Drills

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Bob Wylie
79 minutes

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Offensive Line Pass Protection Technique & Drills presents a comprehensive review of the basic factors involved in offensive line pass protection. Featuring one of the most respected offensive line coaches in the game, the DVD takes a 1-on-1 pass pro block and breaks it down piece by piece and then reassembles it, while explaining and demonstrating each element. The DVD also includes a number of proven practice drills that can be utilized to develop the essential skills and techniques for pass protection.

Among the topics covered:

  • The kick step
  • The kick step-inside foot
  • The kick step-two kicks
  • The kick step-three & four kicks
  • The power step
  • The power step-two steps
  • The recovery step
  • Two kicks steps to two power steps
  • Kick and power step drill series
  • Point and peck drill
  • Locked up 5-yard drill
  • Video clips