Offensive Pass Protection Basics

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Golden Pat Ruel
57 minutes
Offensive Pass Protection Basics reviews the key factors involved in sound pass
protection by the offensive line. The video discusses why the best coaches love
their players and how this affinity impacts their ability to teach. With regard to pass
protection, the video not only points out five factors that coaches must teach, it
also details the elements that offensive linemen must know and understand. As
such, the video discusses how coaches should teach each element-progressively
and thoroughly. In addition, the video explains the basic aspects of a snap and drag
system for pass protection. The video also looks at various pass sets, including
suggestions on how to teach them.
Among the topics covered:
• Love your players
• Why do this drill?
• Five things you must coach
• Players must know and understand
• How do you teach it?
• Line drill
• No combat zone
• Snap and drag system
• Pass sets and position
• Cut-ups