One-Back Attack: A Complete Guide to the One-Back Offense

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Scott Criner, Steve Sosnowski
159 pages
  In this remarkable book on the one-back offense, coaches Criner and Sosnowski review one-back philosophy; passing game concepts (delta, flood, option, crossing, best-located flat-defender, 1-on-1, China and vertical concepts); game plan and play selection; and quarterback pre-snap front and coverage reads (gap-control and coverage-recognition concepts). The authors also examine formations, motions, shifts and adjustments, the running game, and pass-protection schemes (50-, 70-, 90-, and 300-series). They also cover the three-step, dropback, bunch, sprint-and-dash, and screen passing games in full detail with easy-to-read diagrams and illustrations. In addition, Criner and Sosnowski explore the two tight end package and the goal line/short-yardage heavy package.