Coaching the One-Back, Gun Offense

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Doug South
52 minutes
Coaching the One-Back, Gun Offense presents an overview of the key factors involved in an offense that utilizes a single back from a shotgun formation. The DVD explains how this offensive system offers the advantages of a two-back offense. The DVD details the position-specific alignment rules from the offense, as well as discusses several of the basic plays that can be employed effectively in this system. In addition, the DVD reviews the slide-protect, six-man base protection that is utilized in this offense. The DVD also explores rules for the four verticals that are used in the pass game for this system.

Among the topics covered:
  • One back/gun offense
  • Alignment notes
  • What is the box?
  • Basic run-game plays
  • Contain defender
  • Six-man protection
  • Four verticals
  • Roll blocking