Oregon Ducks Catching Philosophy and Techniques

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Jack Marder
35 minutes
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In Oregon Ducks Catching Philosophy and Techniques, Jack Marder, University of Oregon Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator, shares insights on the success of the Oregon Ducks catchers. Coach Marder outlines the philosophy behind training and coaching their catchers, as well as provides techniques and drills used in their program. Coach Marder covers all aspects of catching, including warm-ups, stance, throwing, blocking, and receiving. Additionally, Coach Marder discusses how to develop the athleticism and mental skills required of catchers.

Topics covered include:

• Catching Basics
• Developing Motor Skills for Catching
• Warm-Up Routines
• Stance and Footwork
• Throwing Out Runners
• Receiving and Blocking Pitches
• Situational Drills