Outfield Play: The Defense's Secondary

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Bob Morgan
24 minutes

Outfield Play: The Defense`s Secondary is designed as an invaluable resource for coaches and athletes who want to better understand the key factors involved in fundamentally sound outfield play. The DVD discusses the necessary components for the last line of defense, including stance, creep steps, throwing grip, and proper techniques and footwork for catching the baseball. It also reviews routes to the ball, playing the fence, and fielding a ground balls with no one on base and men on base. In addition, the DVD covers how outfielders should play hitters, as well as presents several drills that coaches can incorporate into their team`s practice schedule to develop their outfielders.

Among the topics covered:

  • Stance & creep steps
  • Focus on the batter
  • Catching drills
  • Inside/outside routes
  • Catching at the fence
  • Catching the ball off the wall
  • Throwing the baseball
  • Blocking the ball & do-or-die
  • Playing the hitters
  • Drills