Penn State Wide Receivers: Fundamentals and Philosophy

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Gerad Parker
56 minutes
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Presented at the 2019 PFSCA Conference, Penn State Wide Receivers: Fundamentals and Philosophy gives an overview of the Penn State approach to wide receiver play. Presented by Penn State University Wide Receivers Coach, currently the co-offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach at West Virginia University, Gerad Parker, this video provides a look at the philosophy, practice habits, and techniques of their WR’s. Coach Parker covers all aspects of WR play, from blocking to running after the catch, while also demonstrating the proper drills and techniques for improvement in all areas.

Among the topics covered:

• Catching Fundamentals and Techniques
• WR Blocking
• Route Running
• Releasing off the Line of Scrimmage
• Increasing “Yards after Catch”
• Proper Footwork
• Defeating Press Coverage
• Film Cut-ups – Practice and Game Footage