Hitting Fundamentals, Philosophy, and Drills

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Bob Morgan
33 minutes

Hitting Fundamentals, Philosophy, and Drills provides an overview of the key factors involved in successful hitting. The DVD discusses the physical components of being a consistent hitter, including grip, bat position, stance, stride, weight shift, and the swing. The DVD also outlines the mental aspects of hitting. In addition, the DVD details specific hitting checkpoints that can be used to monitor the hitter's swing. The DVD also includes a series of game-tested drills that coaches can employ in their practices to develop the fundamental skills of their hitters.

Among the topics covered:

• The mental aspects of hitting
• Hitting mechanics
• Hitting drills-dry cuts
• Pitch counts
• Tee drills
• Step behind drill
• Chair drill
• Soft toss drill
• Wiffle ball drill
• Fence drill