Pitching Fundamentals, Philosophy, and Drills

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Bob Morgan
29 minutes

Pitching Fundamentals, Philosophy, and Drills is designed to be an invaluable resource for coaches and athletes who want to better understand the key elements involved in successful pitching. The DVD discusses pitching philosophy and points out the underlying elements of sound pitching mechanics. The DVD also reviews the different grips and spins that pitchers can put on the ball and details the four basic pitches that every pitcher should master. In addition, the DVD looks at several other relevant factors for pitchers, including pitch selection, situational pitching, and hitting mechanics.

Among the topics covered:

• The grip
• Spin
• The four basic pitches
• Control-the most important element of pitching
• The mechanics of pitching
• A sound pitching philosophy
• The hitter's thinking in certain counts
• Classifications of hitters
• Pitching drill-progression series
• Fence drill