Infield Play: Fundamentals, Philosophy, and Drills

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Bob Morgan
37 minutes

Infield Play: Fundamentals, Philosophy, and Drills offers an instructional tool for coaches who want to improve the skills and techniques of their infielders, The DVD outlines the key factors involved in sound infield play, including throwing, catching, and fielding. The DVD explains and demonstrates the proper techniques for fielding a ground ball and for executing a double play. The DVD also includes a series of proven drills for developing the essential fundamentals of infield play.

Among the topics covered:

• Throwing & catching the baseball
• Fielding a ground ball
• The double play
• Covering 2nd base-shortstop
• Covering 2nd base-second baseman
• Infield drill
• Bounce drill
• Backhand drill
• Box drill
• Triangle drill
• Rocket relay
• Catch, shuffle, and throw drill