Coaching the Catcher: Fundamentals, Philosophy, and Drills

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Bob Morgan
31 minutes

Coaching the Catcher: Fundamentals, Philosophy, and Drills presents an overview of the key skills involved in sound catcher play and outlines the five attributes necessary to be a good catcher. The DVD also looks at the basic mechanics and techniques that every catcher should master, including framing and swaying, throwing, blocking pitches, fielding bunts and pop-ups, making force plays at home, and blocking the plate. In addition, the DVD features a series of drills that can be used to develop the essential fundamentals of catching.

Among the topics covered:

• Catching fundamentals
• Throwing technique
• Framing and swaying
• Blocking the baseball
• Fielding bunts
• Force play at home
• Blocking the plate
• Fielding pop-ups
• Drills for the catcher
• Sign, stance, and target drill
• Quick feet drill
• Wave drill
• Wild pitch drill
• Force play drill
• Pop-up drill
• Beat to the spot drill
• Box drill