Perfecting the Approach in the High Jump

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Gwen Wentland
33 minutes
Perfecting the Approach in the High Jump focuses on how to develop a consistent approach. The DVD demonstrates how to formulate a ten-step approach, measure, and fine-tune. This DVD gives coaches and athletes an inside look at each aspect of the approach, as well as high jump workouts, weightlifting, and plyometrics routines. It is perfect for the beginner-to-elite level jumper who is looking to learn more about this complex and highly misunderstood event.

Among the topics covered:
  • Building a ten-step approach
  • Transferring the approach to the apron
  • Fine-tuning and cues for the coach and athlete
  • High jump workout examples
  • Weightlifting for the high jump
  • Plyometrics for the high jump
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