Pick Up The Pace–Building Speed Into Distance Workouts

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Scott Christensen
86 minutes
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In Pick Up The Pace–Building Speed Into Distance Workouts, Scott Christensen, author and multiple national high school champion coach, discusses the theories and training techniques behind increasing speed in distance runners. Coach Christensen compares and contrasts speed training with distance training, and how to use components of speed training in your distance training regimens. Additionally, Coach Christensen discusses the science and physiology behind muscle training and anaerobic training, with regards to distance running. Finally, Coach Christensen provides a number of case studies that reinforce his thoughts regarding speed training for distance runners.

Topics covered include:

• Aerobic Training
• Anaerobic Training
• Building Training Programs for Distance Running
• Incorporating Speed Work Into Distance Training
• Tempo Running
• Decreasing Fatigue
• Race Strategies
• Training Case Studies