Developing Speed in Middle Distance Runners

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Doug Soles
54 minutes
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In Developing Speed in Middle Distance Runners, Doug Soles, Head Track & Field and Cross Country Coach at Herriman HS (OR) outlines a variety of training methods and drills to increase speed in middle distance runners. Coach Soles discusses how to implement core training, strength training, along with proper form and technique to maximize an athlete’s potential. Additionally, Coach Soles provides insight into developing race strategies. Finally, Coach Soles details how to “put it all together” and apply his training methods to your distance runners.

Topics covered include:

• Building Core Strength
• Utilizing Plyometrics
• High Intensity vs. Low Intensity
• Hill/Stair Work
• Interval Training
• Form and Technique
• Speed Drills
• Increasing Mileage
• Race Strategies