Putting Teams Through a Strength/ Power Training Workout

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Allen Hedrick
36 minutes

More often than not, a substantial amount of time and effort goes into designing a strength and conditioning program for athletic teams. In turn, athletes devote a lot of time and effort on their part in performing the workouts provided to them. Accordingly, to maximize the results of the time that athletes spend training, coaches should make sure that the process they use to put their athletes through their workouts is as effective and efficient as possible. In that regard, Putting Teams Through a Strength/Power Training Workout features information, ideas, and insights that can be very helpful in accomplishing that objective.

Among the topics covered:

  • Introduction cycle
  • Hypertrophy cycle
  • Strength cycle
  • Power cycle I
  • Power cycle II
  • In-season cycle
  • Explaining the workout
  • Follow-the-leader warm-up
  • Dynamic flexibility
  • Specific warm-up
  • Put athletes in charge
  • Team discipline
  • Correct technique
  • Partner training