Quarterback Play In the Spread Triple Option

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Mike DiMatteo
80 minutes

Quarterback Play In the Spread Triple Option provides an overview of the key factors involved in sound quarterback play in each of the three phases of the triple option executed from the spread formation. The DVD details the proper mechanics, footwork, and the quarterback on each phase. The DVD also explains why it is essential to have a read component on each play and identifies several reads that should be practiced each day. In addition, the DVD includes several drills that can be used to develop the essential skills and techniques for the quarterback in the spread triple option.

Among the topics covered:

• The option game
• Midline option
• Teaching progression
• Outside veer
• Inside veer-jump-step open
• The count system
• Ride and decide (dive phase)
• Reads to practice daily
• Soft squeeze
• Drills
• Ride and decide (pitch read)
• Film cut-ups

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