The ABCs of Quarterback Play

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Ed Zaunbrecher
37 minutes
Using the alphabet as an instructional aid, The ABCs of Quarterback Play details 26 factors that contribute to sound quarterback play. From A to Z, the DVD reviews the underlying points and principles that are involved in each of the 26 factors. Featuring easy-to-understand ideas, information, and insights, the DVD is designed to be an appropriate tool for coaches at all competitive levels. 

Among the topics covered:

• ‘A' alignment 
• ‘B' blance 
• ‘C' carry out assgnment 
• ‘D' drops 
• ‘E' eyes 
• ‘F' fumble 
• ‘G' grips 
• ‘H' handoffs 
• ‘I' interceptions 
• ‘J' just relax 
• ‘K' know 
• ‘L' learn 
• ‘M' movement 
• ‘N' no time off 
• ‘O' open to the target 
• ‘P' play-action 
• ‘Q' quiet confidence 
• ‘R' reset 
• ‘S' spine 
• ‘T' tackling 
• ‘U' understand what you see 
• ‘V' voice command 
• ‘W' watch the clock 
• ‘X' x-out the distractions 
• ‘Y' you are in charge 
• ‘Z' zoom in on the target