Quarterback Throwing Technique: Correcting 11 Common Errors

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Ed Zaunbrecher
44 minutes
Quarterback Throwing Technique: Correcting 11 Common Errors is designed as an instructional tool for coaches who want to better understand what deficiencies may exist in the passing mechanics of their quarterbacks and how to fix them. The DVD points out that it is essential for coaches to know whether what the quarterback is doing is having a negative affect on the outcome of the play. In that regard, the DVD notes that if the quarterback's play is not being influenced by the deficiency, it may not be in his team's best interest to correct a particular mechanical deficiency he may have. The DVD reviews 11 of the most common problems that quarterbacks have in their passing mechanics, explains how these errors can be identified, and details what can be done to correct them.

Among the topics covered:
  • The grip
  • The stance
  • The ready position
  • The set position
  • The spine angle
  • Lead foot, open hips
  • Clear the off-side
  • Wasted motion
  • Moving the head
  • Balance