Quarterback Warm-Up Drills

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Ed Zaunbrecher
36 minutes

Quarterback Warm-Up Drills features a series of proven drills that quarterbacks can perform that address the fundamental aspects and techniques that are involved in sound quarterback play. Designed to help prepare quarterbacks for the physical, motor, and mental demands that they will face in practice and games, the 18 drills presented in the DVD cover a wide range of technical skills. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner.

Among the topics covered:

• Getting started
• Three-sets-and-throw drill
• Center/QB-exchange drill
• Hard/soft drill
• Noose drill
• Lift-front-foot drill
• Two-toes-on-the-line drill
• Baby-steps drill
• Turn-opposite-hip drill
• Reset drill
• Open-position-throw drill
• Straddle-the-line drill
• Seated-throws drill
• First-step drill
• One-knee drill
• Two-step drill
• Set-position drill
• Wrong-hand drill
• Eyes-closed drill