RPO Game VS. Zone and Man Coverage

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Kevin Cahill
56 minutes
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In RPO Game VS. Zone and Man Coverage, Kevin Cahill, Assistant Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach at Yale University, discusses his thoughts and philosophies on the RPO (Run Pass Option) offense. Coach Cahill outlines how to use schemes and formations to be successful against both man and zone defenses. Additionally, Coach Cahill reviews play-calling and game-planning for your opponents within the RPO offense. Finally, Coach Cahill provides a number of diagrams for specific plays and film cut-ups detailing these RPO concepts.

Topics covered include:

• RPO Schemes and Formations
• RPO Vs. Man
• RPO Vs. Zone
• Game-Planning for your Opponents
• Using Movement
• RPO Terminology and Play-Calling
• Play Diagrams
• Film Cut-Ups