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Rich Hargitt
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The Surface to Air system was developed by coach Rich Hargitt as a multiple formation, multiple personnel-based RPO offense. These five (5) videos encompass RPO elements that can be added to modify any offense. The package includes RPO installation for both coaches and players, pass and run game installation, the necessities of “locked” RPOs and the situational RPO that can be optimized to attack specific defensive holes. This all-in-one bundle is perfect for coaches of all experience levels and systems.

Includes the following titles:

The Surface-To-Air System: Teaching & Installing The RPO

RPOs are all the rage these days, but how exactly do you teach this exciting scheme to your players? Coach Rich Hargitt of The Surface To Air System explains step-by-step how to install the RPO scheme with your players, how to make adjustments based on your needs, and the easy and intuitive teaching methods used for maximum retention by the players. Use the fundamentals of Coach Hargitt’s up-tempo and attacking offense to score more points this season!

The Surface-To-Air System - Installing The Pass Game

Whether you’re looking to light defenses up with the long bomb, or just play a possession type of offense with an efficient passing game, this video explains how to build a passing game that stretches the defense vertically and horizontally. Coach Rich Hargitt of the Surface To Air System explains how to create a passing attack that forces defenses into uncomfortable situations and maximizes the talent of your skill position players.

The Surface-To-Air System - Installing The Run Game

A huge part of forcing people to respect the RPOs in your offense is putting together a dangerous threat in the run game. Coach Rich Hargitt explains how to create a top-tier run game from many of the standard spread offense looks that are dominating the game today, using both zone and gap-style run schemes, as well as the option.

Surface to Air System: Locked RPOs–How and Why

Coach Rich Hargitt, an innovative leader in the Run Pass Option Offense (RPO), discusses the “Locked RPO System.” Coach Hargitt outlines the “How and Why” of the Locked RPO, while demonstrating ways to move all three levels of defense, both pre and post snap. Hargitt also details why RPOs are successful vs. talented and athletic defenses, as well as against top defensive coordinators that design schemes against high scoring offenses. Coach Hargitt stresses that this offense is “Easy to Run and Hard to Defend,” while diagramming plays to illustrate his ideas.

Window Dressing for RPOs in the Surface to Air System

Coach Rich Hargitt, an innovative leader in the Run Pass Option Offense (RPO), covers the “Window Dressing for RPO.” Coach Hargitt outlines how to attack the holes in the defense while also forcing the defense to defend the entire field. Hargitt also shows how the RPO can reduce turnovers, increase tempo on offense, and how to attack defensive formations, while disguising offensive plays. Coach Hargitt includes film and play diagrams to support his RPO formations and play calling. By utilizing an “Easy to Run, Hard to Defend” offense, Hargitt shows how all coaches can implement the RPO to be successful.