Running Back Drills and Techniques

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Bill Coach Shack Shackelford
55 minutes
Running Back Drills and Techniques provides a detailed step-by-step progression that coaches can use to develop their running backs. The DVD reviews the key factors involved in sound running back play, and presents a series of game-tested drills for enhancing each of those essential skills and techniques. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-tounderstand and -apply manner.

Among the topics covered:
  • Ball security
  • Ball security with movement
  • Three-point stance and starts
  • Two-point stance and starts
  • Taking handoffs
  • Pad level
  • Two-hole read and react
  • There-hole read and react
  • Three-hole with second-level defender
  • Three-hole with offset running backs
  • Running back catching skills
  • Swing route
  • Angle routes
  • Z-cut drill
  • Pass protection from an outside position
  • Pass protection from an inside position