Scouting the Offense (Opponent Breakdown)

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Scott Shafer
44 minutes
Scouting the Offense (Opponent Breakdown) explains how coaches can break down their offensive opponent. The video details how this information can be used to help teams formulate a great defensive game plan. The video explains how this breakdown can help a defense gain an idea of who a particular offense is. Among the information collected on an opponent's offense is offensive personnel groupings, backfield alignments, pre-snap motions and trades, and the various formations the offense may employ during a game. With regard, to this information, the video points out why a sense of consistency when calling the various factors (particularly formations) is important.

Among the topics covered: 

• Personnel and offensive identification 
• Backfield alignment 
• Motions and trades 
• 21 personnel formations 
• 11 personnel formations 
• 12 personnel formations 
• 13 personnel formations 
• 10 personnel formations 
• 20 personnel formations 
• 22-23 personnel formations 
• Empty formations 
• Close and compressed formations 
• Stack and bunch formations