Shotgun Counter Scheme

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Ron West
43 minutes
Shotgun Counter Scheme presents a philosophical overview and an in-depth analysis of the basic fundamentals, techniques, and blocking schemes necessary to execute the shotgun trap play out of both 4-wide receive sets and 2-back sets. The DVD explains and illustrates how to execute the counter scheme, providing two lead blockers at the point of attack (resulting in numbers mismatches that favor the offense), with either the quarterback or the F back as the designated ballcarrier. The DVD also features counter drills, audibles, and a detailed film analysis.

Among the topics covered:
  • Counter vs. even front
  • Counter vs. odd front
  • Pulling the center
  • Line calls to counteract defensive stunts and blitzes
  • Counter vs. 3-3 odd stack front
  • Center, guard, and tackle pull drills